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Octubre 2022
SEIMED es la parte de la Red Enterprise Europe Network que ofrece sus servicios a las Pymes de la Comunidad Valenciana y la Región de Murcia. Así las Pymes mejorarán su capacidad innovadora a través de la internacionalización, la transferencia de tecnología y el acceso a financiación. Para ver más ofertas y demandas tecnológicas accede a través del enlace. Si deseas conocer más eventos de transferencia puedes acceder al buscador. Si tienes interés en publicar una oferta o demanda puedes contactar con Centic o con Victoria Diaz Pacheco del Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia.


Self-learning, deep learning-based machine vision solution for fully automatic products inspection.
An Italian innovative firm has developed an automatic "zero setup" system to control every kind of product. The solution is especially fit for food and non-food products analysis and it doesn't need to be programmed as it contains self-grading and self-learning features. The SME is interested in technical cooperation deals with partners specialized in the automation sector to propose integrated systems to end users or in commercial deals with technical assistance with end users directly.
Low-cost wireless nano-satellite IoT gateway for SpaceX / Swarm Technologies
A German SME has developed a wireless nano-satellite IoT gateway (SpaceX/Swarm) that is much more cost-efficient than conventional products (10 EUR per month). It enables bi-directional communication and a 3-fold redundancy with one hardware unit. Autonomous operation with solar power supplies is possible. Commercial agreements with technical assistance with users (operators of sensor networks in agriculture, maritime, environment monitoring or others) are sought, also distribution partners.
A German SME with focus on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and IoT offers cutting-edge state of AI solutions to the industry
A young innovative German SME from the AI sector is offering tailor-made AI, Big Data and IoT solutions. The company is specialised in bringing cutting-edge state of AI from academia to industry. Software development partners are sought as well as integrators for license and/or R&D cooperation.
Machine learning platform for healthcare application
A small Italian company specialized in software design has developed a machine learning platform designed to help clinicians in designing, training and testing machine learning models in order to get insights from their own data. The application automates algorithm and features selection and doesn't require any specific skill for base usage. The company is looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Innovative unattended presence control system for workers
A Spanish university has developed an innovative system for controlling the presence of workers in their workplaces based on the use of mobile devices. Thanks to this system, it is not necessary for workers to make time-stamps as this is done automatically. This reduces time loss and avoids possible marking errors. It also reduces the infrastructure needed to carry out the clocking in. Companies or public administration entities are sought for license or technical cooperation agreements.
Electronic payment system by presence
A Spanish university has developed an automated payment system, in which neither the user nor the collector needs to intervene. The transaction occurs only through the physical presence of the user at the site thanks to an application installed on the user smartphone and the sensorization of the control area to detect the presence of users. Companies dealing with secure payment systems are sought for license or technical cooperation agreements.


A Dutch research institute is looking for digital solutions and business models that can sustain a peer-to-peer energy trading offer.
A Dutch research institute and partner of an international open innovation consortium is looking for digital solutions and accompanying business models for peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading within the distributed energy resources sector. SMEs or start-ups are sought to participate in an open innovation challenge where the winning solution will be deployed in a controlled environment to assess both the technology and business model. A research and development agreement is envisioned.
Home security systems & wellbeing for the elderly
Basque (north of Spain) company has launched a challenge: How autonomy, security and wellbeing can be achieved in a non-intrusive way and performed in real time for the elderly at home? The Basque company is looking for an ICT partner to develop a security solution jointly under a commercial agreement with technical assistance collaboration.
IoT Device vendor looking to partner with Digital Health Platform and Service providers
Tektelic develops IoT devices utilizing low-power and long-range wireless technologies with a focus on respiratory health monitoring. Their devices are designed for 3-4 month battery life and no reliance on Wi-Fi or cellular infrastructure. They are looking to go-to-market with Digital Health Platform solution providers seeking reliable, accurate and scalable devices to feed valuable data into their platform.
Price monitoring digital system to complete full cloud-based solution for retail stores
A SME from the Basque Country is looking for field testing environments to bring the buying experience in retail stores to the next level. This process automation company specialised in electronic devices looks for apparel, textile, jewellery, food, and other products daily price monitoring service providers to make its cloud-based software system fully operational under a research or cooperation agreement.


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Tech4SmartCities@CleanTechForumEurope 8 Noviembre Bruselas

Projects4GreenEnergy: Connected 8-9 Noviembre Alemania

KETs 2022 - Cluster 4 (Industry, Digital & Space) & 5 (Batteries) in Horizon Europe - Calls 2023-2024 - 9th Edition 10 Noviembre Estrasburgo Francia

SFScon 2022 - Brokerage Event on Digital Technologies 11 Noviembre Bolzano Italia

Smart City Brokerage SCEWC 2022 Barcelona 15-24 Noviembre Barcelona

Cyber Security and Digital Applications in Defence 17-18 Noviembre Málaga

DEICy 2022 Digital Economy, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity - global challenges & opportunities in digital transformation - Digital Economy Lab University of Warsaw 2022 24-25 Noviembre Varsovia Polonia
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