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Description of the organization

The Technological Centre of Information and Communication Technologies (CENTIC), is a non-profit business association, promoted by the Regional Government, founded in 2004 sponsored by the ICT sector companies of the Region of Murcia (Southeast Spain).

The main scope is the technological improvement of the companies in the ICT sector and other companies related to Information Technology, Telecommunications, Contents and Electronics through Research, Development and Innovation activities.. Therefore, CENTIC can be considered as an interface or point of reference to the whole ICT regional sector: “We have an excellent know how, is our….duty”.
Moreover, CENTIC develops binding or collaboration agreements for the development of its activities with national or foreign entities related to the aims of the Association.

We can arrange our activities as:

Horizontal services, general services related with innovation:

  • Projects support and funding advisory
  • Networking activities and technological missions
  • Documentation, technological observatory
  • Technology Transfer to partners.
  • Identification of Innovation Potential, ICT Catalog.
  • Implementation of an Innovation management methodology
  • Specialized training
  • Advice in agile software development
  • MOCAP Lab
  • Testing

Technological areas, development of projects and technology:

  • Mobility and Wireless
  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • CyberPhysicals Systems (CPS)
  • Software engineering and certification
  • Model driven software development
  • Open Data. Big Data.
  • Cloud computing and software as a service (saas)
  • ICT for Ambient Assistant Living (AAL). E-Health área
  • Digital contents and Multimedia  (MHP DVB.-T)
  • Smart Cities
Therefore, CENTIC can be considered in European project as:
  • A Technological Centre or SME association with a private rol.
  • A consultancy or technology valuator agent, as a reliable Interface or point of contact to the whole ICT regional sector.

Nowadays, CENTIC provides services to 45 partners (International and SMEs) in the ICT arena. Partners play in a wide range of fields: ERP, Management Software, Internet, automation, mobile software, multimedia, logistic software, etc… Most of them perform activities of research and development and relies on CENTIC to receive advanced support and innovation in their projects.
CENTIC has a wide experience in participating in collaborative projects and management of grants.

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