Fechas: 14-16 Junio

Pagina Web: http://smart-ct2017.lcc.uma.es/index.html

Organizador: Networking and Emerging Optimization

This conference welcomes researchers and scientists in particular, because one of the main challenges to address is a higher implication from Universities and research organizations in this domain, so as to give coherence, organization and add a knowledge layer to the present situation of smart cities.
There is a clear goal here in presenting new results, either coming from research, development and innovation, to create an international pole of attraction for people (and knowledge) who will enhance their scientific and practical know-how on the many different niches of work in smart cities.

– Smart mobility, urban transport, multimodal approaches
– Electric vehicles
– Traffic lights, smart signals, lampposts
– Intelligent Transportation Systems
– Logistics and fleet management
– Smart manufacturing and production
– New mobility services, mobile apps, original ideas of low cost
– Energy, electricity grid, water future systems
– Smart buildings and homes, energy efficiency, and livability
– Environmental research, interconnection of systems for sustainability
– Drones, theory and applications
– Education and health in a smart city
– Government, crowd implication on it, digital improvements
– IT in the city of the future
– Artificial intelligence, advanced algorithms, machine learning
– Citizens, companies, municipal authorities: relations, technical visions
– Smart living, culture, entertainment in the city
– Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) and other self-organizing approaches
– New communication protocols, software, hardware
– Sensors and actuators for the city
– Internet of Things and cyber-physical systems
– Big data and open data in smart cities
– Real world applications, real time services, offline city design
– Holistic approaches, integral design, and whole-city studies
– Social implications of smart cities